Bopworks Birdland Model

Bopworks Birdland Model

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Bopworks Birdland

 Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.







28 Reviews

  • Quality stick but lightweight!

    Posted by Brian on 24th Dec 2017


    I recently ordered a few pairs of Bopworks sticks. These are quality sticks! They feel great! Very smooth! What also struck me was how the sticks were perfectly matched to weight and pitch! Even other companies "pitch match" give different sounds when striking a surface. The birdland model is very light weight... too light for me but I wanted to compare. Nonetheless a high quality stick!

  • Birdland Model

    Posted by Tim McLafferty on 18th Dec 2017


    These are really beautiful sticks, well balanced, nice finish, and very light in the hand. Playing with these is almost like getting new drums and cymbals: the sound is much different than with heavier sticks and I'm enjoying the variation. Also, the cross-stick sound is terrific. I can play all day and night with these sticks and my hands and arms feel great. Hope these remain available for many years to come. Thanks, Chris!

  • Birdland stick

    Posted by William M. Monson on 12th Aug 2017


    I like this stick because you can be subtle with it. It draws a nice sound out of the cymbals.
    This stick would be nice if it were offered in a longer size, say about an inch. It would enable one to play with a bit more power/velocity when called upon. Nice product-thanks.


    Posted by Manuel G Chapa Jr. on 18th Jul 2017


    Hooked, Awesome feel and response, Light but have a HUGE bite when needed!!


  • Extension Of My Hand!

    Posted by Brian Eli on 12th Apr 2017


    Bopworks is the best sticks I have ever played! It has made my hands feel amazing. I'm playing the Birdland model and 40's Swing Classic and they are both perfect in every way.

  • Fantastic!

    Posted by Josh on 17th Feb 2017


    These tools really help me bring the best out of my playing...I'm very impressed.

  • Enhanced Drumming Experience

    Posted by John Dean on 10th Jan 2017


    Drum sticks are a very personal choice for a drummer. Switching to new sticks can be traumatic, especially for a jazz drummer who tries to play with some sensitivity.

    I recently purchased a pair of your Birdland sticks and I couldn't be more pleased with their performance.

    The length and weight of the Birdlands make them feel like a natural extension of my hand and arm. The balance and diameter provide excellent control. The hickory tips bring out the best sounds from my cymbals.

    These sticks have brought a new dimension to my playing and enhanced my drumming experience.

  • Light and Tight!!!

    Posted by Manuel G Chapa Jr. (Papa Chapa) on 27th Dec 2016


    At first I thought that the sticks would be way too light for any
    Forceful sound. Boy was I wrong! The response of the Cymbals
    was so clean and clear and the rimshots were sharp and crisp.
    And the response was the same at every volume!!!

  • Those sticks are AWESOME and I'm really glad you guys are back in business.

    Posted by Darren Beaudet on 24th Nov 2016


    I tell anyone who cares to listen about them and I ask for them all the time from retailers (but I'm very pleased with being able to buy from you direct.) I'm dying to try the West Coast and really hope you will make those available again. I can find some really nice sounds out of my cymbals with these and they are super durable. There's nothing else out there that comes close! Thank You!