Bopworks Birdland Model

Bopworks Birdland Model

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Bopworks Birdland

 Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.

Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks. For more information, please read this link in our blog.







30 Reviews

  • Bobby

    Posted by Bobby on 12th Oct 2019


    These ringo like sticks fucking rock . No others come close .

  • Benjamin Mayer

    Posted by Benjamin Mayer on 9th Oct 2019


    Amazing sticks, they have brought my volume down considerably with a clean ride cymbal sound. Really nice......Benjamin Mayer

  • Birdland sticks

    Posted by Andrew on 15th Jun 2019


    Great light, fast sticks for low volume playing. Nice sound, quiter than those wrapped dowels and much nicer action. Will be getting more.

  • This is an unusual pair of sticks to find these days and I couldn't be happier with them. The select hickory makes a big difference I do believe.

    Posted by Phil Carr on 14th Dec 2018


    See review subject.

  • I love these sticks.

    Posted by Dusty Elmer on 23rd Jul 2018


    I’d seen Bopworks ads in a couple different drum magazines, and I’d been wanting to try something new, so I ordered 4 pair of Birdlands and one pair of 40s Swing Classics. They shipped and arrived quicker than I expected and they were packaged nicely. The Birdland is short, thin, and light. It took me a couple days to get used to them, but they quickly became my favorite stick that I’ve used in 23 years of drumming. On a fairly snugly tuned drum they really shine, and if you play with the butt-end on the snare you’ll have ample volume for almost any situation. If you chop sticks up on your cymbals I wouldn’t use these, but if you want fast, light and musical sticks I would certainly give these a try.

  • Birdland Sticks

    Posted by Dean Thurston on 6th Jul 2018


    Fabulous, as always. If you love pure cymbal sounds, you will love these sticks! They are well built and balanced.

  • Birdland Model

    Posted by Tony Macaluso on 23rd Jun 2018


    My Birdlands arrived just in time for rehearsal. I love them. I've been a long-time Regal Tip 7AN guy. But their wood tip version doesn't have the same taper as the nylon. My new Bopworks are perfect. Super responsive. Fun to play. I'm never going back.

  • Birdland

    Posted by Dean Thurston on 10th May 2018


    I have played with these sticks for several years. They feel beautiful in my hands. The weight and balance are superb. They help me extract beautiful tones from my drums and cymbals, and they are exceptionally durable!

  • Bird land sticks

    Posted by Charlie on 3rd Apr 2018


    Light quick response excellent for low volume articulate playing