Bopworks Birdland Model

Bopworks Birdland Model

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Bopworks "Birdland"


 Bopworks sticks are pitched paired and weighed in grams.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.








51 Reviews

  • Great for jazz

    Posted by Steve Colvin on 3rd Apr 2023


    I'm normally a maple stick user, but these are light and thin enough that they give me the same feel. They have become my go-to sticks.

  • Birdland Model Drumsticks

    Posted by Joe Pendergast on 17th Dec 2022


    I am a constant user of the West Coast Model, but when I play in a smaller or quieter venue, the Birdland Model is what I choose. The provide the same great sound of the West Coast Model, and they are the perfect tool for the small quiet venue. The Birdland stick is always in my bag.

  • Love these sticks

    Posted by Max on 2nd Nov 2022


    Great craftsmanship! Makes my cymbals sing and blend well in acoustic environments. Thank you!

  • Bopworks Birdland

    Posted by Bernard Pritchard on 4th Jul 2022


    I wouldn't want to be without these wonderful sticks!
    Have been playing these for a few years now; their lightness enables a drummer to play quickly and precisely with a deft touch. I most often play these in church, but also for home practise and live jazz in small settings on a 20", 12", 14" old Radio King set (with calf heads).
    As ever, Bopworks products are of consistent high quality, and good value.
    Chris Bennett was most helpful in offering advice about ordering, and facilitated a swift delivery to a TX address for visiting friends' to bring here to England.
    Many grateful thanks!

  • Great sticks

    Posted by arnaldo B on 22nd Jun 2022


    I received these originally due to an order processing mistake, and Chris actually told me to keep these for free to try out and that they were good for quieter playing situations. In my experience, they work well in almost any playing situation where a fat backbeat isn't required, and are in fact great to play with once yoy get used to the size and way. In fact, they're downright addictive. I find myself reaching for them all the time. They have become an integral part of my toolkit. Excellent all around sticks.

  • Best sounding and feeling small sticks anywhere.

    Posted by Beoit Glazer on 12th Jun 2022


    I am a professional musician and I own a small venue with world class acoustics and backline. I used to modify my sticks to make them more playable at soft volumes, but no need to do that anymore. The birdland model is the best sounding, best feeling small stick out there. Every other small stick is front heavy, but these are well balanced and they feel great.
    Many top tier players end up using them when they come to Timucua, including many who are sponsored by other companies! Ssssht. Don't tell anyone.
    Makes my job as a recording engineer so much easier.
    My only issue is that they are not always available. So I grab them when they are :-)

  • Birdland

    Posted by Brad Novak on 6th Feb 2022


    Oh my! I'm in love! These are small sticks but they feel amazing and my cymbals sound like a million bucks! Check these sticks out!

  • Birdland’s

    Posted by Ric Pattison on 24th Jan 2022


    I’ve been using Birdland’s for 4-5 years , I like a light well balanced stick, I haven’t found any other stick that comes close. Thanks Bopworks .

  • Bopworks Birdland

    Posted by Magnus Nordén on 5th Jan 2022


    Beautiful stick, light, thin, short, fast and sensitive. The long taper and quite hefty tip is a perfect match for this light stick, making for a full sound from thin cymbals without any tendency to overload them.

    I have recently got my eyes opened to lighter stick choices for jazz playing, and the Birdlands are quickly becoming essential to me. The hefty tip means that you can really dig in, too.

    In short: as close to stick perfection as I have got, thus far in my drumming journey.

    Thank you, Chris, for making this stick available.