Bopworks Mel Lewis 7 D Model

Bopworks Mel Lewis 7 D Model

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BOPWORKS "Mel Lewis 7D" Model


Mel’s 7D ... is an exact recreation of his 60's stick right

down to the taper and tip. As with all our signature sticks,

we take special care to the fine details.

The 7D has a 5A feel for thickness, but the shorter length

allows for more control on hand hammered cymbals.

Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.


Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks.

 For more information on this, please read this link in our blog.

Mel on cymbals from a 1985 Modern Drummer Interview:

"The average drummer usually uses two to four cymbals. To have any more than that is totally unnecessary, because where are you going to put them anyway, and how are you going to reach them? They shouldn't be there just for looks. I notice that most people have crash, crash, splash, ride, and hi-hat. Very few young drummers play on their hi hats, except in the rock situation where they generally play them closed and they play their 8th-note beat on them. They should learn that the hi hat is another ride cymbal to be played properly—"ta, da-ka, ta, da-ka, ta," changing rhythms and all that, open/closed, all open, half open, half closed. There are a lot of effects. To me, the hi-hat is another ride cymbal.


Every cymbal I use is a ride cymbal. Every one of my cymbals is also a crash cymbal. I only use three. Three is enough.


But every cymbal should be a ride cymbal and every cymbal should be a crash cymbal. I've been noticing that almost everyone has only one ride cymbal and a million crash cymbals. You don't need the crash cymbals. You need the ride cymbals, because that's where your whole thing is coming from. Crash cymbals are only for accents, so you can hit any cymbal for a crash.  "



12 Reviews

  • Mel Lewis Sticks

    Posted by Dominic Smith on 21st Aug 2020


    These sticks are cool for a different sound and of course thinking that these are the type Mel used, super cool. They are shorter and lighter though and would take some getting used to. Sounds especially good with thinner classic cymbals.

  • Great stick. Looking forward to try others.

    Posted by Alan Polzer on 22nd Nov 2019


    Please inform when 40's swing and Birdland model are available again. Thank you.

  • Great on Cymbals

    Posted by Austin Beede on 18th Nov 2019


    These sticks sound really great on cymbals. Nice attack without to much weight makes the cymbals sing with out getting washed out. I'd definitely recommend these for your jazz gigs, recording sessions where stick definition is desired, and quieter gigs.

  • Bopworks Mel Lewis 7 D Model

    Posted by Ken Seipp on 14th Mar 2019


    Almost exactly the same as my original Gretch Mel Lewis 7D model sticks that I purchased about 50 years ago. The tip needs to be a little more of a teardrop than these are. I'll buy more as I need them.

  • Sticks

    Posted by Phil Carr on 26th Dec 2018


    I love the weight, balance, length, tip, and taper of these sticks.

  • Mel Lewis Signature 7D

    Posted by Dean Thurston on 28th Nov 2018


    I love every pair of Bopworks sticks I have ever purchased. Old world craftsmanship with modern consistency. Try 'em. They're great!

  • Mel Lewis Model Drumsticks -Bopworks

    Posted by Rick Pickard on 13th Jun 2018


    I have been using these sticks for a year now for my Big Band and small group Jazz and Acoustic Rock gigs . They are of excellent quality , very well made and quite consistent . The small acorn bead gives a lovely cymbal sound and brings out the stick definition well . They are also very well balanced and feel great to play . I am quite surprised how durable these sticks are , no Tip splits or shafts cracking for me to date . All in all a wonderful product and a must have stock for me . I have always been on the lookout for a go to stock and these will always be in my stick bag

  • Mel Lewis 7D signature sticks

    Posted by Unknown on 24th May 2017


    I ha w been using the Mel Lewis 7d model BopWorks sticks for a year now . I love the balance and feel of this model stick. I have always been a big fan of Mel Lewis and this initially piqued my interest in this model stick . I love the balance and feel of these sticks and especially love the sound of these sticks on cymbals . The small acorn. Was really enhanced the stick definition and keeps the overtones in check nicely . The only ask I have these is that I wish BopWorks would offer a lacquered version similar to what Regal Tip does . It would make gripping these sticks easier and the tips to last a bit longer .

  • Great Chop Sticks!!!

    Posted by Manuel G Chapa Jr. (PAPA CHAPA) on 27th Dec 2016


    No way I thought! These are not very beefy, too light they'll break
    on the opening set. Man was I WRONG! I have finally found a stick
    that can sing at any volume. Great response no matter how you drive your DrumKit BOPWORKS has got your stick waiting for you.