Drum stuff...

So, here's the deal...

22nd Jul 2021

Many of you have asked (and rightfully so...) "Where in Sam Hill are our sticks? " and "Why the @*!#%*^ is Bopworks out of so many models from time to time?"I should mention I recently had the ple … read more

Art Blakey Special Centennial Model

2nd Nov 2019

Concurrent with Lincoln Center's year long commeration of Art's 100th birthday, and at his estate's request, we're excited to present the Art Blakey Centennial Edition. Same specs, more celebration! … read more

To pitch or not to pitch...

23rd Sep 2019

To Pitch or not to Pitch?The importance of weighing and/or pitch pairing drumsticks differs among drummers. I’m always surprised how vociferously the various concepts are championed, so please underst … read more