Art Blakey 8D Model

Art Blakey 8D Model

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The Art Blakey signature model stick.


One of hard Bop's greatest exponents, master of the smokin' press roll of death.

Decades of the leading the great Jazz Messenger bands have earned him

his place in history.


The Art Blakey 8 D Model has been reproduced exactly

from his 60's model stick - the longer taper and triangle tip make this

stick ideal for almost any application.


Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces. This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy..








11 Reviews

  • Finally

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2013


    After a long wait, the promised Blakey sticks have arrived.

    They feel absolutely great-good balance and nice taper that lets the cymabl tone stand out.

    I personally wouldn't use these on a super quiet gig, but for anything else, they'd work great.

  • Art Blakey's crisp sound!

    Posted by Joan on 29th Nov 2012


    These are balanced with some more weight to the tip, due to its big size. This provides a crispier attack, but doesn't sacrifice any rebound because of its long neck. They feel very nice at hand!