Bopworks 40's Swing Classic Model

Bopworks 40's Swing Classic Model

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Bopworks 40's Swing Classic


Faithfully recreated from the exact model 40's stick

played by one of Swing Music's greatest drummers*.


The Swing Classic captures the sound of the 40's

with its the traditional triangle tip and taper.


Versatile, perfect for the Jazz trio up to big band.

Relive the 40's with sticks that helped define the music.


Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.

Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks. For more information, please read this link in our blog. 

*The initals "GK" might give a you a hint.











14 Reviews

  • great stick

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2017


    I'm a working musician in the panhandle of Florida. I love the weight and length of this stick. I broke the pair I had previously though, and Stream Lee rare for me to break a stick. However, the balance and weight is stick feels definitely makes up for that. my favorite stick I've found to date

  • What I've been looking for...

    Posted by Sloppy Drummer on 25th Feb 2017


    I like the classic 40's for their length (long) and width (small). I play hard rock to brushes, and these lightweight sticks allow me to control my dynamics over a broader range. The longer sticks make it easy to go around the toms while maintaining balance for double bass work. Sticks are a little slippery, but nothing a little sandpaper cannot take care of. I am trying to find a historical drummer who played with 17" sticks in the hope that you would make a pair :) Very pleased, with product & customer service !

  • Oh my! The response!

    Posted by michael on 11th Oct 2016


    As a Bopworks artist, I had not played the Classic '40's up until now. I'm a West Coast user for most of my Jazz playing and an Art Blakey user for Big Band playing. When I tried the '40's last week, the response off the cymbals was more amazing than I had imagined!
    These sticks are a beautiful gap filler between the West Coast and the Art Blakey Sticks. At 16" long and with that magical taper, they provide a rebound beyond most other sticks on the market, which makes you sound cleaner and faster than you had before.
    The Classic '40's will be in my stick bag from now on along with the West Coast and Art Blakey sticks. They ARE that good!

  • One of a kind

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2014


    Great product, exceptional customer service!


    Posted by Enrique on 16th Nov 2012


    This swing model is the best pair or sticks that i have used in 20 years, soon it will order two more pairs,-and i hope also to try the new Art Blakey model.
    Thank you Bopworks!