11th Apr 2019

Manabu Yamamoto makes really amazing cymbals. Like - really amazing. Like actual old K's. Here's a quote from his site:

"I start from a completely flat sheet of B20 bronze which I import from the best foundries in Turkey. (In some YM and YC series I used blanks with a hydraulic pressed cup, which is normal in modern cymbal making.) By hand-forming it, it gives a great density to the bell, and opens up bright and complex overtones. Also I often make the bells "off-centered" or not in a perfectly round shape, because it produces the mysterious sound I want. The Istanbul Ks and the original Constantinople Ks gave me the inspiration for the hand-formed bell."

You can hear every cymbal he's made or has for sale on Youtube. He plays each with a variety of sticks, maple and hickory so the listener can hear the difference in sound and the range of the cymbal. 

Since he's making each one by hand, you're not going to see a large amount of stock available, but that's part of the charm and more importantly, the sound.

Did I get one?  Yup. Then I went back and got a pair of hi hats...Seriously, go check 'em out.