About Bopworks Drumsticks


"I bought a dozen of the Blakey model when it came out.  What a beautiful stick, and just like the original.  I've got a few pairs of the 60's stick, and you've done a great job.  For my every day playing I think the Mel Lewis model is one of the greatest sticks ever made.  I used the ****** model for almost 20 years but switched permanently when I tried the Mel Lewis.  Please forever keep making that one! "

- James O.  12/12/15


       In 2005, we introduced the "Birdland Model" and the response was, to say the least… surprising. Word got out, and encouraged, we eventually added more models.

         With the number of great “classic” ride cymbals being produced, it made sense that demand was there for a stick that has the response and feel of the original Jazz models from the 1950's and 60's.

      The models from Bopworks are essentially recreations of the 1950’s/60’s Jazz drumsticks. Research on tip length and shoulder tapers using the actual sticks enabled us to produce models that have a unique “old school” feel and sound.

         Some Jazz sticks can be too weighted in the front and overdrive a ride cymbal in quiet playing situations. Drummers often have to deal with “live” rooms that are acoustic nightmares: pianos with no mics, & acoustic basses in restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc…

         You can now play “off” your ride at fast tempos because there is simply less weight up front, and our unique tip guarantees a full warm sound. Of course, unlike older sticks, Bopworks sticks are pitched and matched for weight.

         And, if you wonder what some of the "real guys" played at the time, we have 2 popular signature models to answer that question.