So, here's the deal...

22nd Jul 2021

Many of you have asked (and rightfully so...) "Where in Sam Hill are our sticks? " and "Why the @*!#%*^ is Bopworks out of so many models from time to time?"

I should mention I recently had the pleasure of recording an interview with Bart Van der Zee on "The Drum History Podcast." It's a treasure trove of interviews with industry figures and a lot of drum history. Please check it out;

So, you can imagine my frustration and verbal meltdown when the podcast aired and we were out of 5 of our models.

I feel an explanation is way overdue.

(Cue ominous music...)

Bopworks, like many other smaller stick companies, has always had its sticks made by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Why? Companies our size don't have the budget for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the equipment involved, payroll for the employees to run that equipment or the real estate to house the operation. The larger stick manufacturers have access to all of this plus choice hickory because of the huge quantities they purchase, or the forests they own. In our case, the companies/wood shops producing our sticks over the years used the knives and/or grinding stones we had made at specialty manufacturers and produced drumsticks to our specs.  They were US-based, which was philosophically important to us. And early on, they produced respectable quality and quantities at a reasonable pace.


Sadly, over the years, promised production times from several of these shops began to lag. Then the sticks we received started to vary from our original specs. Delivery times lengthened by months. We doggedly negotiated in good faith and eventually yelled and screamed to no avail. Inventory challenges understandably annoyed our customers and drum shops. But there was no way to control when we would receive our product and we began to lose credibility. It was disheartening and out of integrity -- and there was this money thing that we weren't too happy with either.

So, after many years of frustration, we're now working with one of the really big guys. We had to have grinding stones made to spec, and then have drumstick prototypes made to our designs -- and approved.  It's now several months into this process and finally everything is moving along swimmingly:  the prototypes are well done and true to spec. They have hickory of the high quality we insist on. And our OEM can meet our quantity requirements. We're very close to being the kind of company we envisioned so long ago: producing well-designed, quality drumsticks that celebrate drummers and the music you make. 

Thank you all for your patience. Seriously.

Chris Bennett