Steve Schwelling release

27th Feb 2019

Longtime Bopworks guy Steve Schwelling has released a new CD, er...downloadable music thing on whatever format you would like. Nicely done, Steve...more info on: … read more

And, a belated Happy New Year to you all...

27th Feb 2019

Things have been chugging along at Bopworks, and although I wish we had something exciting and new to offer... Nope.But, we have been adding some great players to the Artist Roster, and as soon as I c … read more

Drumhead Magazine Review

14th Oct 2018

We'd like to say a big "Thank You" to the folks at Drumhead Magazine (particularly Charlie Weinmann) for the nice review. If you haven't checked out this magazine, we'd highly recommend it. Lots of in … read more

Rogers Louie Bellson Model Sticks

Posted by Chris Bennett on 26th Aug 2018

September's stick of the month is the Rogers Louie Bellson Model, or "Mode" as it says on the stick. Bellson is credited with originating the concept of using two bass drums. A superb drummer and comp … read more

Gotta do it...

30th Jun 2018

When Bopworks started in 2006, we sent samples to dozens of drum shops, alongwith our promotional materials. Not one drum shop in the US was interested incarrying our products. Zip. Nada.After a long … read more