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New Model: Rhythm & Groovz
.590 dia. Length 16 1/4". Feels like a 5B shaft that starts the taper half way down the stick to a smallish, yet incredibly stylish barrel tip.

So there. No more asking us for larger models. On the website now ...

Thanks to all who came by at the Chicago Drum Show

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many from the drumming community. Additionally, it keep me from buying things I shouldn't have (almost...)We sold out of our new brushes and the Memphis R&B, both a pleasant surprise and an "oops"  simultaneously. Plenty of both here at Bopworks Headquarters...

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Bopworks at the Chicago Drum Show

We hope anyone visiting the Chicago show May 20/21 will stop in and say hi. We're at booth #107.Looks like a great line up of drums, drum clinics, and drummers. What else is there?http://www.rebeats.com/drumshows_start_page.html

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New Wire Brushes from Bopworks

Finally, a brush that stays at the spread you set it at. Features a comfortable, textured handle with locking options at a 2" or 4" spread.Manufactured to our specs by one of the nation's leading brush manufacturers, we think our brush will become a favorite in your stick bag!

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Memphis R&B Model

Now in stock...16" length by .570" diameter (5A) with a 5 inch taper,with a nice melding of shoulder to tip.                               

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Gretsch Tony Williams Mystery Stick!

From the Bopworks Vault: The Tony WIlliams Gretsch 5A Tipless model sticks!!?Circa early 70's is a best guess going by the green ink which matched other Gretsch sticks of the time. And, I would have to emphasize the word "best guess" here...They're 16 " long, and a hefty 5A thickness. I've never seen a Tony Williams [...]

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Not so Modern Drummer online Magazine

Started as a newsletter-ish publication by famed drum engraver John Aldrich, Not so Modern Drummer has been a source for vintage drum nerds for decades. ( Wow. That's personally depressing. ) Yes indeed, prior to the internet but sometime after smoke signals, it was the best way for drum collectors to communicate. Many of [...]

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Austin Drummer Magazine

Austin drummer and teacher Nic Marcy has put together a nifty online magazine in PDF format that is well worth checking out. Regardless of music preference, you'll find something enjoyable. The interviews are well constructed, as are the transcriptions and the "concepts" articles.And you whippersnappers better appreciate all the great info online these days! Back [...]

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ADC Drums - Liverpool England

This month we're giving a shout out to Andy Dwyer and ADC Drums in Liverpool.ADC carries a full selection of drums, cymbals, vintage and more.You can check 'em out here:http://www.adcdrums.co.uk/Default.aspx

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Profile: 80/20 Drummer

Nate Smith's 80/20 Blog is recommended viewing, regardless of playing level. There are breakdowns of some very interesting grooves and concepts, most often accompanied by a will done video clip demonstrating his concept. Let me say right off the bat I totally love his concepts on time and practicing. Anyone who can do transcriptions and immediately [...]

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