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From the Bopworks Vault: 

The Tony WIlliams Gretsch 5A Tipless model sticks!!?

Circa early 70's is a best guess going by the green ink which matched other Gretsch sticks of the time. And, I would have to emphasize the word "best guess" here...

They're 16 " long, and a hefty 5A thickness. I've never seen a Tony Williams stick in 60's to 70's Gretsch catalogs, and this was a suspicious looking duo of dowels as I've seen.

The standard internet search turned up nothing. It's generally accepted Cappella made drumsticks for Gretsch, so I searched for anything there catalog-wise. Nope.

The great Mike Clark told me Tony used the Gretsch Sonny Payne 3D model with Miles, (they were room mates for a brief time) and that would be all the stick information I have been able to glean. Tony obviously went to the 2B configuration later on, so we might have an interesting "gap filler" here.

Were they nylon tips that had been pulled off? Noooooo. Fitting a nylon tip on these things would make them the size of golf balls (Almost). If you look at the close ups of the tips you can see a short flare out. Plus, Tony designing a stick with nylon tips so he could pull them off?

An alert Bopworks Facebook viewer mentioned seeing Stan Getz in Montreux 1972, with Tony, Chick and Stanley Clark. I bought it on Amazon for $11.99 (what a great DVD) and by golly, Tony is bashing them Paiste 2002's (yes...) with sticks suspiciously similar to what we have here.

With the DVD on pause at the end of "Lush Life", we have a pretty close look.

Fake sticks? Counterfeit? Who knows?  I'm not going to carbon date them. I got a great DVD out of it.

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